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One of the best property management and Real Estate teams in the VI.

Rosalee Gage REALTOR & Property Management has serviced the Virgin Islands residential property management market for almost 3 decades. Whether you’re looking for a home to buy, rent or have properties you’d like professionally managed, we can fulfill your needs better than anyone in the Virgin Islands.

If you’re an investment firm purchasing in St. Croix, or St. Thomas’s, fast-paced market and need your homes managed, let us help ensure your success!


Of Over 50 Managed Properties % Rented OWNERS TRUST US TO FULFILL!

It might sound old-fashioned to some

But we still specialize in hand-screening all of our applicants. Yes, Beacon Scores may be the new “holy grail” to most lenders, but believe it or not, we still go the extra mile to make sure we provide affordable living to anyone in the Virgin Islands looking for a great place to call home. Please give us the opportunity to show you how Team Gage Real Estate Sales & Property Management is the leader in customer service for the US Virgin Islands.

Complete Full Service USVI Property Management.  It’s What We Do!

There are several reasons that set us apart from other residential property management companies in the US Virgin Islands.  We’ve rented and managed many homes in the USVI area over the last few decades.  Our knowledgeable staff is very friendly and professional. Our homeowners trust us to find the best possible resident for the highest possible rental amount. We deliver with the goal of getting the most value out of your property.

Our Promise To You

When you hire our USVI property management specialists to market your residential rental property, we’ll remove your headaches. Although we manage many local residential homes, we’re always committed to making each of our homeowners our #1 priority. Our diverse, talented property specialists employ all proven methods to attract the right clientele to meet your needs and budget in the quickest time possible. Contact Us with any questions.

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We Use The Most Effective, Proactive REALTOR’s & Rental Property Marketing in the USVI:

There are many ways to market a rental property. Team Gage focuses on proven methods to make sure your property stays rented with great residents that treat your rental home as their own house. We use the following methods to ensure that your property is expertly exposed to the rental market as soon as possible.  Here are some of our methods:

highly visible signage

That includes special wording and colors to make the potential renters take notice.

24/7 Agents

A direct phone line for all potential clients to speak with real, qualified Leasing Agents, 24/7

Google Maps Integration

Full use of Google Maps® and Google Earth® to help potential residents find homes in the areas they want to live

Contractor Relationships

We offer and manage contractor referrals to property owners to reduce your cost and help generate the maximum rental amount for your rental home. We continuously renegotiate with quality subcontractors who are price sensitive to our property owner’s needs.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

A leasing team with decades of lifelong real estate experience living in the US Virgin Islands  with astute awareness of current market conditions to make sure your home rents for the highest possible amount

We Are Always Available

With most companies taking the weekend off, we’re still here answering the phones to rent all vacant properties. Rosalee Gage and Team Gage Property Management realizes that activity is often most demanding during these days so we want to make sure we are available to show possible tenants properties at a time that is convenient for them.


We’d Love to Market and Manage Your VI Area Single Family Rental Home Portfolio!

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