Rosalee Gage

Rosalee Gage


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Rosalee moved to her island home, St. Croix, while in elementary school in the early 70s, needless-to-say, she knows our island well. She is dedicated to excellent customer service and is forthright with her with her clients.

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Rosalee is enthusiastic to be a member of TEAM GAGE with RE/MAX St. Croix, embracing that she is referred to the office ‘hippie’, hence the tag line ‘Peace in Paradise’.  She enjoys the significance of the carefree and artistic living reflective of  that era of the flower power days…. She is just that, an artist with a soulful spirit, and she strives to make sure her clients are well represented, as great customer service is her passion. 

Excellent customer service equals customer loyalty and referrals!

Rosalee started her career in customer service as a landscape designer, eventually gaining recognition with nationally published and award-winning designs. After many years of landscaping on St. Croix, then later in the U.S. Mainland, she returned to the Virgin Islands where she worked as an interior design and furniture sales, working in St. Thomas and St. John. Her artistic eye served her in landscaping, interior designer and now as a REALTOR® in St. Croix, which is again her home. When questioned “AN ARTIST IN REAL ESTATE?” Rosalee explains that most artists are looking for positive results with their work, a satisfied client. Real Estate can be the best of both worlds, using creative vision and comprehension of what the client is looking for, and accomplishing that to see the excitement and satisfaction of a client who has gained a ‘peace in paradise’. When Rosalee is away from Real Estate, she likes to go sailing and does her artwork. Her work is mainly on porcelain and glass, but she enjoys multi-media projects. She likes whimsical pieces and keeps it tropical as that’s where her passion lies, in the Caribbean.